The Forgotten Ones
Reaching out to help hourly workers who lost weeks of pay to Hurricane Sandy

Forgotten Ones
Origin Story
Florence & Ruby, Dunkin Donuts
Nominated By: Lokeya
I picked up my envelope yesterday from Elise and I had few people in mind who I can help - coffee shop daily wage people, restaurants I go to etc.

After thinking through, decided that I will give it to folks who work at Dunkin at my place Mineola, Long Island. We go there every morning for our coffee and have heard from them that their work was affected by hurricane.

This morning I went there with my husband and I asked them how were things during Sandy to get an idea of how they were affected.

Their Story:
Florence (from Srilanka)
Ruby (from Bangladesh)

"It is a hard time for us since the shop was closed for 3 to 4 days during Sandy. We tried to go to multiple other dunkin's to work but there were lot of challenges and couldn't do much," they said.

"We are hourly wage people and it is neck to neck with what we earn and spend. So, it is really hard times for us."

Then I told them my company had put together funds to help people who are forgotten and doesn't have access to other funds like Red Cross etc.

When I explained them the details and told that there is money in this envelope and my company wants to help you all, they were so happy and said "Oh my God" at least 10 to 15 times.

They said it is unbelievable that someone is helping them in their tough times and kept asking which company is this, who is doing this and we are so much thankful to you and your company. I told them about Charlie and Next Jump and had promised to show his photo next time I go there.

They hugged me and were holding my hands to show their appreciation and asked me how can we help your company.

After this my husband was dropping me at the station and he said "very proud of you and your company". It is funny he never said proud of you to me any time before.

I want to thank you all for creating this wonderful opportunity where I can be part of helping people and touching their lives.

Leslie, FedEx Deliveryman
Nominated By: Emma
Last Friday, I was able to give Leslie Chan his envelope. When I told him what it was that we were doing, he just about came into tears. He said "You don't know how much this means to me..."
Muhammad & Azez, Street Vendors
Nominated By: Isaac
Muhammad and Azez didn't work from Sunday to Friday because of the storm, losing an entire week of revenue. "If we don't work, we don't get paid..."
Gloria, Cleaning Staff
Nominated By: Nadia
Gloria puts tremendous love and care in everything she does at Next Jump, whether cleaning, washing dishes, watering plants or arranging groceries. We love her very much here.
Friend, Rockaway Beach
Nominated By: Rawle
I took the forgotten ones fund to a friend who lost hours; he was overly excited however he quickly turned around and mentioned that he will give it away.
Jose, Cleaning Company Supervisor
Nominated By: Nadia
Jose is the Cleaning Company Supervisor, he oversees the 7th and 8th fl. cleaning, making sure everything is done thoroughly and that we are happy with their service.
Nicolae , Taxi Driver
Nominated By: Sam
I found out about Nicolae while I was reading the "Hurricane" Issue of New York Magazine this past weekend... Nicolae's story popped up on page 48. It told a brief story (literally no more than 5 sentences) of Nicolae Hent, a taxi driver who lost business during Sandy, driving from borough to borough looking for gas, as well being the victim of two customers jumping their fares. He lost almost 50% of his daily wages; making only $187.50 (and $16.60 in tips) the Wednesday after the storm, when his usual wage on a Wednesday is around $300. This immediately struck me as someone we could help with our Forgotten Ones Fund.
Jordy, Jorge, Dominic, and Rosa, Choza
Nominated By: James
I went to Choza to distribute the funds. I spoke to Jordy (who knows me and the company) via catering for us - a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. He was awestruck to say the least, it took a few seconds, "I don't know what to say. Thank you, thank you."
Gisele, Bruno Ravioli
Nominated By: Jackie
I had the amazing experience of giving my envelope to my favorite employee at Bruno Ravioli, the cafe where Peter and I eat dinner at every Friday night with our kids, and order from every Saturday night. The reaction alone was incredible... he was shocked that I would even think about them.
Oscar, Catering
Nominated By: Emma & Anuj
Whenever Oscar delivers, he has a huge smile on his face and always asks how everything is going.
Rachel, Manager
Nominated By: Rebecca
I'm so happy to have helped someone I see every day who always goes the extra mile to brighten my mood.
Ovidiu & Gloria, Staten Island
Nominated By: Nadia
Florin and I distributed the envelope with funds to a very good friend of ours, Ovidiu and his wife, Gloria.
WashClubNYC, Laundry Service
Nominated By: Marissa
WashClub NYC runs our Laundry Program. During the storm, Rick (the owner) called me up to ask how Next Jump was doing and if we needed their help. I thought that meant they were up and running. Little did I know, his own team was struggling (all of their wash girls, night crew and drivers are hourly workers) - they had no work to do. He didn't mention any of this to me. I reached out to Rick to see how they fared through the storm.
David, Barber
Nominated By: Peter
I have been going to the hair cut place downstairs on 28th street for years since joining Next Jump. I have gotten to know the owner (David) and few of the barbers who work there. Given that the power was out in our building I assumed they likewise had a tough time of it during the storm. I know as a small business they are very susceptible to weather/foot traffic etc. As it was time for haircut last week, I popped in for my haircut and to see how the guys were doing.
Luis, Doorman
Nominated By: Kenny
I gave my envelope to our favorite doorman. He is a very honest and sweet guy, and he always stands up for the other doormen.
Daryl, Deliveryman
Nominated By: Emma
He said "This is the first time anyone has ever really cared about me. This is definitely going down in the books!"
Sarah, Barista
Nominated By: Elise & Tarun
At first, I wasn't sure who to give it to but then thought of the baristas at the Starbucks downstairs.